Monthly Art Contest - September 2022 - WIP and discussions

Please use this thread to post your WIP artworks for the monthly contest of September.


This is my WIP in its early stages

It’s my first time trying to draw in fish eye perspective (I think that’s how you call it)

This is my progress now. I will edit this post with my progress because I don’t want to spam this thread with my work.

Feedback is welcome.

@edgarej Thanks for your tip.


That’s a challenging thing to tackle! :+1:

I think you might be able to find a fish-eye distortion amongst the g’mic filters. So you could draw things using a more basic 1/2-point and use the Krita perspective tools if needed, then run your drawing/painting through the filter.

I’m not entirely sure how fish-eye relates to the usual linear perspective choices. I think it might be 4-point curvilinear, but with the vanishing points close together. :thinking:

I could probably have looked it up faster than it took to write that - but sometimes it’s more fun to have a guess! :yum:

edit: There is a G’MIC filter in the deformations section.


I wouldn’t put the figure so low on the bottom if you are going for a fish eye effect… the bottom would be so heavily distorted (or should be anyways). put the figure closer to the door/middle. nice sketch btw

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So when I read the prompt for September, I had an instant image in my head of what I wanted to do. But since I’ve been playing with AI generators lately, I decided to run the prompt through huggingface stable diffusion (this is before I knew of @imperator’s plugin). I was hoping I could get an image to overpaint. None of the images I generated I liked enough. The AI paintings were not similar to the image I first saw in my head;

So I decided to do my own sketch of the image I saw in my head;

I used a similar color palette I derived from the ai artworks to color my piece, and then the rest is history.

The rest of the WIPS;

AI art is exciting. It’s a great tool for concepting. But just like google image search, looking for that perfect image to use as a reference can take such a long time, it’s practically better just to do your own sketch for concepts.


Most artists have this issue with AI. it doesn’t help you get what you imagined like they claim. It is not there yet.

Speaking of which you reminded me of one rule that we must have. No AI generated images allowed either partially or fully. It will be unfair for those who draw from scratch.


well it’s a good thing I didn’t use AI art then, lol


Your image turned really good without AI. :+1: it has more story and character in it.


thank you

So, some of you seen my art piece “Stonemange the Bruin-Og”
The story behind it, and progress, started middle of last month, I was trying to iron out how to use brushes in Krita, ( a bit grumbly too, hehe then I asked for help on a few topics. ) I was using my non animated sketching brush to just draw, and I sketched out the creature.

While, I had yet to design any brushes that worked like I wanted I took the work to Clip Studio paint, and did this image which I wasn’t entirely happy with:

While it is nice, this one I did in CSP, I did not use my own brushes, or Krita.
A few days after I finished the CPS version, I had created my own forest brush ( animated, yay and thanks everyone ) I had also created a better autumn leaf brush that the one I had been using in CSP, and a few more new brushes.
THis last image is the one I am happy with, and was entirely done with Krita, to my relief as I really am not happy to have to switch over to Windows 10 anymore. hehehe.

I am a fantasy nerd, and when thinking about this, I had these thoughts.
Morgoth had corrupted elves, and even ents, into orc-kind and troll-kind, but, could a beorning be corrupted? What ogerish creature woudl happen from this, and woudl it effect the mind of the being?
I thought that perhaps, only an outward corruption would happen, the Bruin-Og, would remain at peace with nature, long for the morning sunlight on its face, and be aprotector of the lands.
So, that was my process, both in thought and how I ended up with this final piece.
I am much more happy with my krita brushes I made, now. The animated brush, and the use of layer filter things, really has gotten me the results I had felt I had been missing.
Layer, with inner shadow and silk applied worked wonders.


@Hoppa_Joel Are your fantasy stories available online?

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I had to adjust some things with paypal ( no longer using it ) so I dont think they are still currently active lulu currently. ( its been a mess working print on demand without paypal, but the policy changes coming in October are a bit of a mess now )

This is probably my last WIP post. I just wanted to ask all of you what I could add or improve.


Shadow under the character?

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Hi guys ! This is my very first time posting for the contest. Thanks you David Revoy. Your september video let me know about the contest !


Very nice and welcome to the forum. Is this WIP or is it already finished? If finished post it here.

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It’s looking very good so far

je suis nouvelle dans la communaute j apprend a utiliser une tablette… alors je me lance meme si je n ai pas le niveau des autres concurents, je suis fiere de mon apprentissage … pour moi l automne est le debut de la lune froide … la nature qui se prepare au repos


With so little time left to enter the contest, now seems like a good time to chronicle my autumn journey.
The basic idea I came up with was someone traveling in a foggy fall forest, leaving footprints behind on a path. At first I tried to draw the footprints leading to a pair of hiking boots that someone might have taken off at a break in their journey, and focusing on the path. (The boots are pretty much invisible here though.)

Then I decided to redo the composition, to be a landscape, with things like a tree in the foreground and the moon in the background.

Tried to better define the background and the footprints… added a lot of fog. There’s not too much difference unless you look closely.

Then I made a significant change; adding a hooded figure in the foreground holding a torch, who made the footprints. Added some shading to make it more like nighttime, and the path just seems to vanish into the night now… There’s two blackbirds in the tree, watching. A bit spooky, maybe.

I’m not sure if I’ll end up working on it more before the deadline or not, but I’m just happy to challenge myself to get this far. Even if it is a mess. :slight_smile: