More differences between some sponsor levels (like showing a user Icon?)

Currently there is pretty much no difference between the gold and platinum or the titanium and diamond membership in terms of rewards.

I wonder if we could allow fund members to show a user Icons to differentiate them more. This would also underline the artistic nature of Krita.

Inspired by what I have seen on other artist related fund sites I came up with that

  • Everything up do Gold stays like it’s is.
  • Platinum: Name + 50px icon
  • Titanium: Name + 100px icon
  • Diamond: Name + Link + 100px animated gif
  • Corporate: Name + Link + their giant 350px logo, like Intel currently has

I don’t know if this is even possible with the KDE funding system but I wanted to throw the Idea out. There are a lot of artists I don’t really know by name but know their icon, that’s another reason why I got the idea.

Alternatively showing the name for silver members already (since bronze and silver are exactly the same) and add even smaller icon size for gold (or 50px for Gold, 100 for Platinum and 150 for Titanium/Diamond)?

It sounds like a good idea, but I’m not sure how feasible it is. The code is based on the blender development code, and we actually don’t know a whole about it… Though yesterday the website got a big update to sync it with blender’s code.

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