Most GIF gallery covers have stopped playing

Most GIF gallery covers have stopped playing, they are replaced by the first frame of the animation. Did it affect all users? Is this related to forum optimization? Maybe the maximum value of 3Mb for Gif has been changed? Or is it some kind of viewing option in the user profile? Maybe the gallery needs a symbol indicating that the cover can be played and activated when the cursor hovers?

Strange, for me they never played automatically, didn’t even know they should.

It may have been due to latest software update. The system runs the image optimizers daily, let us wait and see it it comes back. The gif in thread are playing right? then the cover image may have dropped support for gif.

Yes, it is played correctly in thread. Only the gallery covers froze. Several *.webp covers continued playback

I tried to replace the covers with an export in the format .webp as a result, one of them started playing in the gallery, but the second one remained the “first frame”, although the export settings were unchanged.
@raghukamath, тhe result turned out to be unpredictable, is it necessary to inform the forum developer about this? Or we should refrain from using it.“gif” and “.webp” animations for covers in the Animation gallery?

I’ll search if the the dev forum of discourse has anything relating to this. I am as much clueless as you are in this matter :slight_smile: I’ll create a post in their forum about this.

Thank you! I will hope for the best