Mountain path

I’m happy to share with you my latest stroke.


When one’s good, is good even without fancy brushes etc.
I just took a peek at your artstation and I’m baffled. I’m in awe.
Keep up with the good work and thanks for using a foss program such as krita: you demonstrate that it’s not all about having an expensive program :heart:
By the way, do you happen to have other platforms where we could follow you?

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This has a sort of zig zag composition I’ve never seen used before. The work just gets better all the time.

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This looks great Philipp. See you’ve taken a different approach with the rendering by cel shading this time. Like it

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Well not a new one for me I have a couple paintings done like this.

Ok. Haven’t seen them so I was speaking from what I’ve seen.

Im in instagram and twitter and deviantart you find me with philipp urlich somartist or somatonic

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That’s no stroke buddy. :wink: :laughing:

Great work!

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man the shapes in this are incredible!

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Soma…Soma…Soma… Nuff said. :slight_smile:

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1/10 lore
1/10 everything else
9/10 perspectve shot

Hm, what ???

Ok. It looks good. Happy enough… 10

… As AshneeHS, djwaterman, anon80859890, ArtAvenue, Raphaelion, and alexsabo
reached the pinnacle of their journey up the moutain path, naloe lagging behind caught up and said…
“”“Soma… Soma… Soma…”"" echo
… and Meta replied “”“Just wait until you look back when you get to the next peak.”""

Ok. I’m not sure what you want to say, but it says more about you than the painting. :slight_smile:

It is really beautiful, I’m in awe of your paintings :smile: