Mr. crocodile

Hi !
This is a children’s illustration project that I am currently working on. I can’t show more for the moment, but I’m really excited about it ! :smiley:

Please, feel free to make comments and critics, it’s always useful : )

Cheers !


very beautiful! :star_struck:

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nice, and the style fits well to children’s book :wink:

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amazing! :clap: :clap:

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Awesome! Love the bright colors!

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really nice, love this

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Very cute - but wait is he fishing for bunnies?

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As he doesn’t have a hook on his fishing rod, I think it’s just a pretext to hang around a pond on a sunny Saturday. :smiley:

Many thanks to all of you !


Really a good example of Krita work. Can you show some wip or something about the proccess? if this is for business it would be cool to know more about this. Maybe and interview in the Awesome result. I love it.

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Thank you !
This is a promotional illustration for a book that will be published somewhere in 2021.
And as for the interview, I would be very honored :slight_smile:

I didn’t record the process this time, so here’s a sort of small making of :

First, I established the composition and values on a thumbnail. It is also used to check my values throughout the process, that’s why it’s a very important step.
Then I made a sketch to get an overview of the different elements. it doesn’t matter if it’s very messy, it won’t be visible at the end.

Here’s the local colors. Everything is flat at this stage, so I can concentrate on refining shapes.

After that, the process is pretty straightforward for each element. There I can break down the lighting, make color changes and so on… (Well, in reality layers are not named properly at all there it’s just for demonstration purposes :D)

I’m still not comfortable enough to do everything on one layer. So I’m breaking down the lighting based on real life references, it’s interesting to see how it works. Here’s an example with the pond :

At one point, I flatten all the layers and paint small changes on top of them. Now I have a “raw” image that I will have to modify a bit. At this stage I have to make the image rest, come back to it after a few hours between each iteration. It’s pretty tedious and you can spend a huge amount of time on small colors variation.

I used these brushes on about 95% of the picture :

-Basic_square_03 : A solid rectangle brush for blocking in. I can’t remenber where it come from.
-Charcoal_11c : My new favorite, also used for general shapes. It comes from a beta version of RamonM’s Charcoal brush pack
-Charcoal_01 : Same brush pack as above, but in the official one this time. Really nice for detailling.
-Blender_structures : A messy blender brush, from the old Muses brush pack (There is a 2019 version of this pack, I should update my brushes)

That’s pretty much it. : )

ps : My English isn’t great all the time, so if there’s something that doesn’t seem clear, don’t hesitate to ask !