MSI available?

Does anyone have an msi for Krita so I can distribute in configuration manager for education environment?
With an exe I have to build a script so an msi would make it so much easier. I think I saw an msi back in version 2.x

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No, if you want a recent version, today Krita is only available as EXE installer or as portable version packed in ZIP archives. But why not distribute a portable version? Okay, I don’t know the environmental conditions for your project, but this way the people to be taught wouldn’t have to install anything in their systems.
If you would install even an outdated version, I can find you a link?


Edit: Krita x64 Version from 2017, I don’t recommend it, but it’s your choice. But you can’t expect support for this version anymore, be aware of that! The release of the public BETA version of Krita 5.0 is imminent, and the release version of Krita 5.0 is expected later this year.

Thank you for your reply
I have seen the word “portable version”, but I don’t know what it is exactly.
I need to distribute it remotely, so I will need to deploy it with configuration manager . I tried to use a free exe to msi converter, but it didn’t work for me. I need to push it out shortly as school will be starting up soon enough.

A portable version does not need to be installed. You can unpack it into any directory and run it from there, even from USB-Media. You can either use one of the three shortcuts in the root directory of the archive, or run Krita.exe from the “bin” directory, which is also in the root directory of the archive.

It has the same functions and capabilities as an installed Krita, only the linking with the file types to be opened by Krita has to be done.
And this can be done either via the explorer, by right-clicking on the file to be opened and selecting Krita in the “Open with” submenu, or automated with a script which makes the entry(s) in the registry.
I think that someone who wants to offer/distribute the software as you do, should be able to implement such.

This is the content of the root directory of “”.


It’s been quite some time since my sysadmin days but we used a tool that came with windows (server) back then to create MSIs for anything. It basically worked like this: You create a restore point. Then you install the software. Then run the tool which will create an msi for anything since the latest restore point. Now you can use the msi to install it on other machines. Used to do it in our lab where we couldn’t have a domain controller doing it or use terminal server. This was 15 years ago but I’m sure it’s still possible to create MSIs for anything.

Thank you everybody for your replies. It sounds like I may need to convert the exe on my own aka using technology that is out there
Fun times