Muses does not play

Hi,I bought the DVD Muses to learn Krita from the Scratch.
I burnt it with my Mac Book Pro (2010) on a DVD -R Octron 4,7Giga but it does not run on the Mac I burnt it with. The DVD PLayer says:No DVD inserted or: Format not supported.
What can I do?
Does a DVD exist that runs on my Mac which I could buy?
Or could somebody of you who has the same Mac send me a DVD were it is on?
I surely will pay for it.
Thank you!

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I don’t think that this will be the solution, but just in case, try running it with this program (which is free) :blush:

Try to open the dvd on your mac, it may be that the DVD muses is meant to be used in a computer. So the format is not DVD video but a DVD with videos to watch using quicktime/vlc/mplayer.

I can’t be sure about the format but the contents should be readable.

It is running now with the VLC player but it is in Spanish. I cannot get the undertitles but it is understandable. Thank you very much . Have a nice weekend !