muting post

what happens if I mute posts?


Your question is not clear…
What do mean by “muting post”?


down under the post I have an option of “watching”.
I can switch it to mute.

what happens if I’m muting it?

I think you won’t get notifications about it.


Explanation seems clear…

You will never be notified of anything about this topic, and it will not appear in latest


so it got no connection to why I can’t see at all some post that was existing?

Which post you can’t see which is existing? Do you have a link or example?

Maybe you need to click ‘More’ at the bottom of the main page list of topics?

on “four season…” contest there was a post of “balloon ride”, and I can’t see it anymore.

do you know why?

That was four days ago, you need to press ‘More’ and scroll down a few pages.
I’ll Mute this topic now