My artworks

Hello, I’ll post some of my work made in krita here. Hope you like it :slight_smile:



It’s really good. I like how he and the tree trunk are composed into the background.

Love the muted beautiful colours!

I love your use of color, tension, and composition. But if I may, what are your thoughts about the patch of light shining through the tree limbs at the bottom right corner? My eye keeps getting pulled to that corner.

That background forest is delicious <3

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Excellent work :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice one. Subscribed :slight_smile:

artrecluse, tiar, Rakurri, WelshPixie, Galateja, Deburger - Thank you! I’m glad you like it :smile:

Matt_White_Studios thats true, it has high contrast there. Image probably would be better with this spot toned down a little. Thanks for pointing it out! :+1:

Here’s another image (as a new user I can add only one a day):


You’re very skilled :o excellent use of brushes!

If you put @ before the username, we’ll get mentioned :slight_smile: That means we’ll get a notification and will be able to know that we can/should answer you.or not, if it’s not needed, of course.

@mruk don’t worry, Discourse’s trust levels are quite easily reachable - there are some restrictions on the first day users and on users who didn’t read or engage too much, but they should go away if you use the website for a few days. And if you believe some restrictions are too tight, please write on Site Feedback - we can change all of them (the software for this website is awesome! We can change everything <3 )

And the second picture is amazing!

@Shazy - thanks! :smiley:
@tiar - I tried to do that, but new users also cannot mention more than 2 users :wink: Thank you! I don’t find the rules too restrictive. I’m just learning how to use this site. Also I’m trying to figure out if it’s better to post all images in a single topic or create separate ones for each artwork.

Some environment paintings this time:


it will be better to create new topics if the images are not part of series, that way individual images or projects can be featured on the site header.

your environment images are excellent.