My brushes are gone

All my brushes are gone, there are only those left in the picture and can only select All

I encountered some weird stuff happening with my brushes and tags too. I assigned some brushes to a tag and my other custom tags got duplicated and screwed up. Not fun.

yes i don’t know what’s going on

the x mark on the brush icon mean that the brush tips are missing. Are these from any brush packs?

no I have no brush packages installed

Which version of krita are you using and which operating system?

It looks like you’ve lost most of your brush presets, quite a few brushes (tips) and it sounds like you’ve lost all the tags.

If you go to Settings -> Manage Resources, is there anything in the left side pane?
Krita_4_Default_resources should be there in the Active Bundles pane.
If it is there then things are badly messed up.

If it’s not there, it should be in the right side Inactive Bundles pane so click it to select it and then use the little left-chevron icon to move it into the Active Bundles pane, which may solve the problem.

If none of that helps, there is something scary you can try which is not actually dangerous or difficult:-

Assuming you’re using Windows (please say if you’re not), try the following after closing krita:
Go to C:\Users\ {your-user-name}\AppData\Roaming and you’ll see a folder called ‘krita’. This is your personal resources folder. Rename it to ‘krita-27-May’.

Start krita and see if that fixes the problem.
(A fresh, new, clean ‘krita’ folder will have been created. Any personal/customised brush presets or other resources you may have previously created will not be available in the new ‘krita’ folder. They will be in ‘krita-27-May’ but that can be dealt with later.)

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hello again, 1000. 1000 thanks that was the fault, now it seems like it should, thanks

That’s a known bug on a current version of Krita. Hopefully when the the resource rewrite is finished, this bug won’t be there in the next major version (5.0.0).


thanks for the info