My childhood "OC" has evolved

Okay, so I’m going to throw this out here and say that this character is kind of an alternate version of my online persona (which I’ll be making an icon for very soon. She’s an android/“animatronic” that I’ve kept with me since I was around 8 years old, going through a Sonic phase). I’ve been wanting to dabble a little with fusing species/characters just because I think it’s an interesting concept. That being said, here’s J.D., a skeleton-android fusion.

I may end up dabbling with the original .kra file to clean it up more and change the background, but overall it’s more or less done.


That’s pretty sweet! Watching OCs evolve over the years is always awesome lol :slight_smile:

Nice idea! ^^

For me, personally, there are a bit too many details and colours. It’s distracting and I don’t know where the most attention should be going, aside from a character design aspect concerning the meaning of colours.

CW: Small critique and discussion concerning anatomy. (Short: I know the mainstream opinion about mobian anatomy but I don't care acout it.)"

(And something that always bugs me: the neck. Mobians - except for reptiles - don’t have drawn necks; it’s their anatomy. Before anyone responds with “that depends on art style”, I’d recommend looking up the meaning of the word “anatomy”. And I’d also like to respond to cliché “arguments” in advance: You can’t draw a human with six arms and still say it’s a real human. Sonic characters are anthropromorphic animals - not humans with mobian heads. Just because “every one else does it” doesn’t mean anything is correct, not only with art but also regarding many different topics. Just because nobody complains shouldn’t mean you can be sure of doing everything correct. Doing someting just because “everybody else does it” is a clear sign of indirect peer pressure.)

I think you should go for a Toby Fox style rather than a Sonic the Hedgehog style. The jacket and the bony tail remind me of Sans the Skeleton from Undertale.

I’ll definitely take this post into consideration when I draw this version of Talia in the near future… well, except for the neck thing (sort of).

This character isn’t really a “Mobian”, despite having been drawn in that style. It was more or less a little experiment on my end to draw Talia fused with a… certain skeleton, and… well… Talia is an android/robot now unrelated to the Sonic series. When I actually draw Sonic Characters (which I’ll be sure to post more pieces in the future for some form of reference), I normally don’t draw the necks.

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I’m not entirely sure what you mean by a “Toby Fox” style, but… I can try to keep that in mind >>’

(Wait… “Talia”? Gives me flashbacks to when my main Sonic FC was named “Taila”! Nice xD) I’m looking forward to seeing more Sonic- and SEGA-related stuff here!

Babbling about anatomy, style and taste.

And yeah… I don’t exactly think that anatomy is a matter of style (there are many things that depend on arty style however, so it’s often easy to mix up “styles” with “rules”). But I don’t want to start on of many arguments I’ve already had, since I’ve already told most of my reasons.

On the other hand, different people have different tastes - meaning that different design aspects might have a different appeal to other people (e. g. the colour green as a colour of nature but also of poison).

Yeah, I can see that. All I just wanted to say is that Talia really isn’t a “Mobian”. I’ll post more Sonic-Related arts in the future when I’m in the mood to try and draw a few, though.

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