My first pixel art

Hi, first art post here.

So, I was wondering about hinting details in a painting and was doing a study and think to myself, “hmm does this feels like doing pixel-art?” That was an honest question, I really don’t know just general suspicion. So, I went on a research journey, to YouTube, to be precise, watch some videos and this is what i came up with :smiley:

This was really fun! I am not a pixel artists but I am considering it. Haha.

I hope you like it :slight_smile:


Here is the original version of the characters that the pixel art above based on, in case anyone is wondering. They are my original characters from the comic I am (so sloooowly) working on:


By giving the model reference, we can see that pixelart version faithfully reproduces the style (and the character of what I perceive) of the characters :+1:


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Hi Grum!

Thanks for the appreciation!

what an awesome journey witcrack :slight_smile:

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haha thanks @ylluzori