My God, it's full of stars!

If you’re an astrophotography fan, you’ll already know about this.
If not, then the James Webb Telescope images have started to be released:

If you’re deeply into it, you can download this (30MB) then zoom and pan around in it:

Interesting times ahead :slight_smile:


This is sensational. I’m not an astrophotographer, but astronomy has been my hobby since I was a kid. I still have my little Newton reflector.

Yes! Incredible and more pics today!!!
This mission cost a literal fortune but it very well may be the pinnacle of mankind’s technological efforts.


I always get incredibly angry whenever I see these deep space photos: Galaxies are supposed to be these humongous things filled with millions to billions of stars and here’s the Universe just spray painting them all over. Universe has no sense of scale >:(


:exploding_head: I can’t wait to see the next pictures!

If that’s you only problem with the universe…to me it’s kind of disturbing that the space itself expands, and that this expansion even accelerates, which has the weird effect that the number of galaxies we can see is continually shrinking, because the distance at which two points drift away faster than light speed keeps getting smaller…
So one day the galaxy will look pretty empty.

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For a few years, I’ve been doubting that the James Webb telescope’s legitemacy due to the many delays. I thought it was some form of scam given what it is and the circumstances around it. To know that it actually launched and pictures are actually being sent is just so weird to me.

Honestly mind-blowing stuff, the more you imagine the sheer scale of possibilities with something as large as the universe. Makes our small individual, everyday problems almost seem selfish by comparison!


Actually, I believe that only a very few of those bright spots are stars. I think most are galaxies. As @wolthera says, they’re just scattered around as if there were no shortage of them.

Good thing we have Wayne Barlow to prepare us for alien life.

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