My granddaughter's MacBook Air OS 10.15.5 crashes while using Krita. She is using a Wacom tablet. She says the files (drawings) she made are gone. It was working previously

Type of device* : laptop
Brand and version of the device: MacBook Air with Wacom tablet
System** : 10.15.5

* graphics tablet/display tablet/2-in-1 laptop/Android tablet
** Windows/Linux/Mac/Android, + version (you’ll find it in Help -> Show system information for bug reports)

Description of the issue (you can include screenshots): My granddaughter’s MacBook Air OS 10.15.5 crashes while using Krita. She is using a Wacom tablet. She says the files (drawings) she made are gone. It was working previously.

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Re the missing .kra files, I’m wondering if your granddaughter remembers which folder she was using to receive the files. It’s easy to look in the wrong folder (I’ve done it). The drawing files are not stored within Krita so even if something is not working in the app her files should all be there.

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I think you should clarify what you mean by crashes when using. Randomly? When doing something?

You also should try getting more detailed logs:

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  1. please tell us the version of Krita you are using, if you know it. You may still have the installation file, or if Krita is still running (I’m not sure because of your description) you can find this information on the splash screen that appears when Krita starts, or by opening the “Help” menu in Krita and clicking on “About Krita”.

  2. If Krita still starts, please go to “Help” >> “Show Krita log for bug reports”, at the bottom right of the opening dialog box you will find buttons to copy or save the content. Please copy the text and paste the content into your answer as described in point 3.

  3. To save such long texts or code blocks in a way that is easy to read for others, place them between three introductory and three concluding backticks. This is the following character in brackets ( ` ), you could also copy this here and insert accordingly three times.
    This looks here in the forum then like this:


  1. please repeat the same with “Show system information for bug reports” and put it in another code block.

  2. and you can also post the logs requested by @KnowZero in this way in your reply, please?

  3. what is not clear to me, you can still start Krita and then when Krita crashes the laptop crashes too, so the whole system crashes, did I understand that correctly?
    Or does “only” Krita crash?
    And like KnowZero, I wanted to ask if it happens on a specific action or randomly, indeterminately on a wide variety of activities with Krita, or only after a certain period of time?

  4. could you please try if your granddaughter’s files can be retrieved?
    The most promising way is to do a search in the “Finder” with the pattern “*.kra” without the quotation marks but otherwise written exactly like that, so you should find ALL Krita images and animations located on the MacBook Air, unless their someone changed the file format. The so-called “Finder” is the file manager of macOS.
    If you find files named like this (document_0.kra~, document_0.kra.1~), please make a backup copy of these files and save them in a safe place before working with them, they are Krita backup files.


Well, let’s see where the journey goes. My journey now goes to bed, it is 3:33 AM, I translate the text now and then sleep for the time being. I hope I have not made too many mistakes.

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Supplement / night thoughts:
Were there possibly already “rescue measures” initiated that were counterproductive, or was there (already) a misoperation before?

I don’t know your granddaughter’s computer skills, and I don’t know where she saved the files she created with Krita.
I think the worst thing that could have happened is that the file the granddaughter was working on during the crash is now corrupted and thus unusable.
Normally, @Sooz has hinted at this, the files are somewhere on your HDD/SSD. So that means, actually, only that file can be missing.
Since I have never owned an Apple PC, I don’t know the intricacies of their file system, but I do know that it is a fairly modern and secure file system, so nothing “disappears” just because a piece of software crashes. So let’s see tomorrow…

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Was my wall of text too much? If so, then sorry for that! That’s just the way I am.
In case that it’s not solved, do you have questions?

Michelist Sometimes a user will change a setting without thinking and forget about it when a problem shows up. I can give you info that has helped several mac users here when Krita started crashing.

Open Krita, go to Krita top left of the Mac desktop and click preferences. Then click on display snd look at the settings. If canvas acceleration is on, turn it off. If canvas acceleration is off, turn it on. Make sure the renderer is openGL. Restart Krita.

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