My Kitsune OC, Rei (early 2020)

This is a portrait(?) drawing I did of my kitsune OC Rei in early 2020. She has a nine-tailed fox form and her human form, which is shown here. She may have other forms as she’s forever changing, I would consider the only consistent thing about her is that she’s a shape-shifter🤣
I still need to write up some lore about her, but she has changed a lot since I first created her as a preteen, (her name wasn’t even Rei back then), but her basic colour palette has remained consistent. Hope you like her!


Nice! Is this made on Krita, or is this sketch with pencil and paper?

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Thanks! It was done with pencil and paper

Really nice! You should ink, scan and color her (if you have the equipment)! I am sure it would look even better in color! :slight_smile:

Ah, just read you haven’t got the hardware. Well, an inked analog version would certainly look very good! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I could try! I have done drawings in ink before and I like doing cross shading (tho its hard to get it right sometimes). I might try scanning it, printing it out and then inking over the scanned version just in case I make a mistake.

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Or put it on your window, put a paper over it, and do a new superclean version with light pencil strokes. Ink and erase! :slight_smile:

Oh good idea, I might try that, thanks!

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