My lineart and drawing bundles

Decided to share bundles with brushes that I created for my own use 030
Its my first time doing it, and Im not sure that I did everything right, I had no issues, but not sure if other people are not going to have them.
All my brushes can be found by putting the word Aura in the search window.
Hope you`ll like them :peach:


Hi, i have been using your brushes with Krita 4.3.0 beta 1. And in Pastel soft and Pastel Hard, i have an X like something is missing.
Dont know if its me or something with the bundle.

Thanks for sharing.

Hm, these brushes use my own brush tip =-= maybe it didn`t download? Bundles are hard.
Thank you for feedback, im glad you like them~

I checked: it is in the bundle??
Maybe it bagged, this is the right tip for both brushes.
Or maybe it show X because of the bag but its actually right, i don`t really know

The tip is there and the brush seems to work fine. Its only the icon as i can say.

I got rid of the X thing by selecting another tip in brush editor, reselecting the original tip and overwrite the brush preset. It seems to be a minor display bug.

Otherwise, the brushes are very nice to use, thank you for sharing them. : )

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Thanks. Solved.