My opinion of Krita

I saw that memes about Krita and the art industry in general are aloud in the Lounge category, so I decided to create my own meme.
This is my opinion of Krita:

Hope u like it

This is the original. I want to make clear this is ment to be joke… I don’t want offend anyone comming from these software.

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You should add a last line: Better than Krita. :laughing:



I can’t compare as I can’t test these proprietary softwares running only on proprietary systems :slight_smile:

I just have 2 remarks:

  • Your meme looks like an official communication as you’re using the feature layout; it could be interpreted by others as an official communication and maybe generate sarcastic remarks from users using these softwares against krita

  • Even if you find Krita better than other softwares, my point of view is always the same: a software that match your needs is the best one; it’s difficult to affirm this one is better than this one as an absolute truth (Ok, we can say Krita is better than Paint but any painting program could be better than paint :sweat_smile:) and on my side I always think that defining a software “as the best one” a little bit pretentious :upside_down_face:



Maybe I should add the original layout and clearly say it’s just a joke.

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