My other layers wont show

I have been using Krita for 2 years and this is the first time his happened. What happened? Well I was drawing something for someone’s anniversary and I added a layer beneath, but when I drew on the layer, Krita didn’t show what was on the layer. I can only see the bottom layer when I press in the actual layer, if I add a layer on top it still does the same thing.

not sure I’m completely understanding you but if their is color on an upper layer it should show on top of the lower layer … even blocking it completely if it is solid color etc.

might be something to do with layer combination mode or alpha etc.
(I have much much much to learn about that/those myself)

A full screen screenshot (.png) with the Layers docker showing would be of help in this situation.

Can you explain that in more detail?

Also, if new painted strokes are not showing, you may have accidentally made a small unoticeable selection somewhere.
Try pressing Ctrl+Shift+A to Deselect any such selection and see if that helps.

Could it be that you accidentally enabled “isolate layer” mode?

this website for some reason just lagged my whole computer and everything was shaking like crazy, while im typing this is still happening. but besides that, I just found out krita, the app broke my keyboard and pressed on “isolate layer”. I ran several tests and thats always the answer.