My Pattern investigation and free resources

Hi all, welcome to this thread about patterns.
You know i love to investigate, and then improve my resources constantly. But i am not alone, we are a community and we learn all together so i would like to support more Krita with more resources for free. I am making more papers and canvas surfaces to use in your brushes. Let’s explore them a bit and welcome to my thread about patterns. You can share ideas, requests, and textures if you think they are going to be interesting.

For example take a look at this 2 papers. Developed for you, created from procedural stuff

i would like to know your opinions. If this is interesting let me know :wink:

A test with that texture.


Wonderful work! I’d love to know how you create these procedurally, it looks like a ton of fun and a ton of possibilities!


This pattern is based on noise and blur. I explained a lot of things related with pattern creation and software here. I hope this helps. (EN captions)


Set it as a pattern in a fill layer and bhang! Nicest digital paper ever!



thank you.

Hmm today, i was exploring a bit how to mimic Jama’s style, not totally happy with result but i will share it anyway because maybe you find it interesting. also i am interested into publish it as free resource so stay tuned
I understand how to create another thing for my next release of papers, a good way to see that concept art and traditional art style can live together :wink:


Well, another step, now the brushes are more controllables, I think having brushes like this could be also fun for oil painters.
Now i have:
1 Block Brush with Texture
1 brush for detailing
2 brush for Blender without loosing the grain behind in the same layer.
1 Flat Brush without too much texture and fast in a DinA4


The canvas pattern and pencil strokes look very realistic!!

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I can’t figure this out. Here is what I did:

  1. Imported these 2 patterns via Manage Resources
  2. New image → Content → Background: As fill layer
  3. Layer properties → Pattern: [your patterns]
  4. New Paint layer (Normal blending mode) → paint something with the Brush tool → the texture isn’t showing through!

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The layer with pattern fill either needs to be above the layer with strokes with multiple blending mode
or your brush too needs to have same pattern applied to it in brush editor

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Ah, OK. Thanks, @raghukamath!

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Well in fact i use the patterns more like "Texturizer " for my brushes.

I continue with my adventure.

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I experimented a bit afterwards with a combination of brush Pattern feature and Fill layers with textures and I got some great results and ideas for future works.
Haha, I sound like a total digital painting n00b, :smiley: but up until recently I’ve always had a very traditional approach, but now I want to learn Krita thoroughly and take advantage of that.

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I think any idea could be interesting because mixing ideas can produce better results. I remember all the photos i did to real papers and tests with filters in Gimp and G’mic and more software i talked about before. Now look at this! is done with a Hatching brush and then applying filters to it. (edge detection is supercool !, full of possibilities)

What do you think about this texture is totally painted in a few seconds. Would you like to know how?

Hi, today i share with you a very different style from me. why?

(Reminds me a bit Big buck bunny, I love that character :wink: ) If you want to play with this kind of texture do it. here you have the pattern already tileable. Let me know your experience and tests because i want to prepare some stuff for kids too and produce good crayons textures.

Yesterday at midnight i was painting with Manley in paper to see how rough textures behave. It is not procedural but i like it. And the brush is very basic. Show us what you can do and i will publish the brush. Is for kids, imagine them painting with Krita and childish style. how good is that :wink:


This is wonderful Ramon the texture is really natural.

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For the people who is interested in brush strokes looks, here is a couple of brushstrokes


This is a combination of Shapesia II (i think there is great stuff in that bundle :blush:) and a new pattern to have more organic effect. Unfortunately i have some issues that i expect to solve as soon as posible. (lot of testing is needed)

What do you think community about this? What feelings do you have when you see this? :smiley: thanks for the feedback.


Cropped part to show you the texture of some tests.


I kind of feel that this “brush for kids” would be more for parents than for kids themselves - I believe kids might not care about that as long as right bright colors are in semi-correct places, good for them since they usually can’t draw for their life, it would be great if adults could do the same - but parents would like to see those childish drawings looking like a childish drawings from a movie, instead of the artificial ugly strokes made with the basic circle brush. I mean, they look much more cute. (But again, such small kids don’t really care about cute :wink: )

Still, the brushes you showed look really good :slight_smile:

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