My saved drawings won't open

I’m very new to this stuff, and I’ve run into a dilemma. Every time I go to open one of my old drawings, Krita “quits unexpectedly” and crashes. I can’t seem to open any of my documents. Any way I can remedy this and access my stuff? Thanks in advance!

Can you please check if the could be opened fine in the previous version, which is 4.2.7? (You can download the portable version if you don’t want to install it).

(It’s not exactly a solution, but this bug is already fixed and will be fixed in 4.2.9.)

That solved it! Thank you so much.

Next version should open it just fine as well :slight_smile: Not sure when it will be released, but hopefully soon.

Fantastic! Like I said I’m new to this world of art, but I’m absolutely loving it. Looking forward to getting more familiar with things. Again, your help is most appreciated!