my tablet not supported

Hello thank you for your work in helping us artists.

I was recommended by my friend to use Krita but when I tried it, my tab is not supported.

It’s an XP-03 something from Silvertec or JW concept, i think that’s their website.

Tbh im not sure, my mom just bought it from the mall because i told her i wanted to have a drawing tablet so i could practice and it worked when i was using photoshop and sketchbook but not with krita :frowning:

I realized that my mouse can “draw” but my tablet’s stylus can’t so… pls help

Still, Will be waiting when other brands will be added.

Thank you so much!


what the heck, it’s okay now…

i just went to tablet settings in krita and then selected the windows 8+ pointer input something, and it worked after i restarted krita… im so confused but thankful

Can you specify the exact name of this tablet? Is everything working correctly in it?

It’s not surprising that you’re confused because tablet problems are often confusing. If you want to understand why, and possibly get more confused then please read this section of the manual:

Now that it’s working, I’m sure you won’t make any changes to the settings either in krita or in the tablet driver setup/config utility.
However, there is a possibility that future Windows updates (I assume you’re using Windows 10) will in some way mess up the settings for your tablet or the tablet driver itself. Yes, this does happen.

If it happens, you’ll need to reinstall the tablet drivers that came with it.
So, make a note of the settings in the tablet driver setup/config utility so that you can restore them if you ever have to reinstall your tablet driver.

Yes, actually the brush does not work correctly again but I restarted krita so everythings good again. But it can get really annoying to keep restarting but thats the least i can do.

its an xp-03, thats what in the box. Sorry, my mum was the one who just bought it out of the blue.