My Toolbox keeps reverting to a single column???

I don’t know how or what I did… but this has happened a couple of times. I adjust my toolbox docker
so the tools are in something like five columns on the left side. And it has stayed that way except for now the second time it has started reverting back to a single column on the left when I close and restart Krita… 4.4.5 Win10

It is working (four columns) on my backup machine… ???
what did I do? How to fix? (i.e. make it keep my toolbox configuration)

Hmmmmm… maybe this is some kind of bug…(I may have done this before to ‘fix’ it…dunno…I get a bit crazy when things are not working as expected. :slight_smile: )

I normally work full screen but I reduced the window and adjusted the toolbox from the single column to the 5 column…went back to full screen…closed and reopened Krita and my toolbox ‘remembered’ the five columns…

Maybe this is a known bug or perhaps a ‘FEATURE’…

and the thing is, I have no idea how or what I did (if anything) to cause it to go to the single-column toolbox. …

It seems to be working properly for now…

I think Krita may be jumping back to a saved workspace. So try to arrange your Krita as you like it and save it with the toolbar button “Choose workspace”, which is normally at the right end of the toolbar. Then you only need to (re-)call your workspace when the interface “adjusts itself” again.


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Hmmm…Okay…that might work…it’s easy enough to just resize the toolbox, but just annoying…particularly as I have so much more to learn about Krita. :slight_smile:


Me too! But this forum is a good teacher. Many answers I have to understand and work out on my Krita installation. I have never heard of some functions before the user questions.


Well…I took your advice @Michelist and that seems to allow me to ‘restore’ my workspace, but it is still dong the revert to single column toobox thing.

Really Annoying!

Maybe fixed in Krita 5???

This is what I’d expect to happen.
When you Quit krita, whatever docker arrangements you have are stored in the main ‘kritarc’ configuration file. That way, you can do fine tuning of layout and have it remembered for the next session.

The saved workspaces are stored in the resources folder at -/krita/workspaces and can be selected at any time to go back to one of your pre-saved known workspaces.

I can’t think of any reason for the docker arrangement to change between sessions.

I haven’t tried this when associated with resizing the main window which could involve ‘crunching’ some dockers and messing up layout calculations.

The only other reason I can think of for a change in layout between sessions is corruption in the ‘kritarc’ file but if that has happened then it would be a very specific type of file corruption which I think would be unlikely.
If there was that type of file corruption then you’d notice all sorts of other problems as well.

I don’t think that verison 5 has done anything in particular with workspaces and docker layouts and I can’t remember seeing any bug reports in that area.
You can try the latest 5.0.0-prealpha nightly, as a portable .zip package, but make sure to make a backup copy of all your configuration files and the resources folder for later restoration in case anything ‘strange’ happens.

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Thanks. Yeah, all that. :slight_smile: I have no idea why my toolbox is changing but it definitely is. I’ve created a new/personal workspace which allows me to ‘restore’ my toolbox arrangement for now so no big deal…just a slight bit irritating.

Appreciate the detailed response/explanation.

one other item…I am working with dual monitors but not sure how that could make a difference…

I also have dual monitors and have no docker layout problems on Windows or Linux.

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