Naruto Shippuden

i am sorry about the unwanted link



hello i am new here i have no clue how to create art on here lmao

how do things work on here?


When editing a post, click on upload icon to upload an image.

But your uploaded art have to be made by you with Krita software only.

Not sure to understand the provided link to Naruto’s page :thinking:

After, if question is more “how to I create art”, that a little bit more complicated to provide an answer…


ok thanks but i mean i am using a hp chromebook so how do i use the Krita software on there?

Concerning chromebook, I’m not aware how it works and I won’t be really helpful for this :roll_eyes:

You can search on forum, I think there’s already some users that have asked question for chromebook.
Or you have to be patient and wait for another user here is able to give you an answer :slight_smile:


alrighty thank grum btw nice to meet you

Please refrain from posting unwanted link. I did not delete the post since you are new to forum.