Nature themed Mural in FL

This project has nothing to do with Krita, but with their being a traditional art section here on the forum I wanted to share this project with you all. This is a mural, me, my siblings, and a few volunteers worked on at the Wakulla County Extension Office in Wakulla County Florida (Near Tallahassee).

My sisters deserve the credit for the animals, butterflies and flowers found in the mural. I worked on more generic details, and also provided a digital colored and enhanced design of our original sketch. Which I just remembered… Was done in Krita! I guess this post has more to do with Krita than I thought! :laughing:

Check out our “Making of” video here, as well as a timelapse video showcasing the painting of mutiple animals and butterflies for the mural

Read more on our blog.

Our Instagram.


Amazing work! This is probably the best landscape mural I’ve seen! 99% I’ve seen hace good looking objects, but perspective is wack. You did good with this tho!:ok_hand:

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Thank you! Wow, the best landscape mural you’ve seen? I don’t know about that man, I’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff out their that I feel was better with perspective and overall visual design. But this was me and my sisters first mural, so we knew it wasn’t going to be perfect, not that anything ever truly is. :grin:

Of course when I say this was our first mural, I only mean this was the first time we ever painted on such a scale, we each have been painting since we were kids so we were all pretty good at it already.