Need advice for a Tablet

Since we are in the Black Friday period,i had intention to buy a Tablet to paint/draw when im outside home,traveling or for some reason i cant get access to the PC

So far,looks like the only good choice seems the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 tablet (no Apple,no matter how good the product and procreate is) but i dont know how it is draw on such surfaces,and what size matter, the options are either 11 or 14 inches. 14 is huge and more powerful,but the portability is gone (but i can use a XP-Pen graphic tablet on both of them,since it works on Androids products)

Any advice?


Ask your self how much time you spend being outside

How big is your xp pen? if it closer to 11 inches go with the 11 inches if it is bigger go with bigger size

Samsung has a smooth surface too though you can always buy a matte screen protector for both ipad and Samsung tablet now

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My xp-pen is 10 inches. There are times were i have to stay outside a lot,and other times im always at home. Another reason is because i need to give the PC away after a certain time in the day ,so im blocked in study/work digital stuff.

go with the 11 inch then

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I have an 11 inch S7 Samsung tablet and I love it for working on Krita. The SPen draws nice and smooth with good pressure sensitivity, so I’d imagine the S8 should be good. :+1:t2:


Oh nice,thanks. Probably will be a good idea to take the S7FE instead of the S8,im not sure if that much power is needed for digital works (and is a jump from 400 to 1k euros)

However, it might be good to pay attention to the RAM equipment of the tablet, at least if you want to create larger images or work in higher bit depths, that’s at least what I conclude from this topic >> “R.A.M. crashing on Android wondering if it’s just me”.



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