Need Help..Krita Vektorlevel

I am at first time here.
I hope you understand my englisch .It was not so googd.
My problem with Krita are…
…i have draw a picture with Krita and than i add text in a new vektorlevel.
An than i save the dokument.
Next time i open the dokument, i dont can chance the text. the vektorlevel not more here, all things
the drawinglevel and the vektorlevel are one.???
i want to know can i chance the text in the picture, how can i do this.

i hope you understand my problem:
Thank you for your answer

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Did you save the document as a .kra file, or some other file extension?

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i save it as a jpg. document

That explains why your layers have all been merged down to one single layer.
A .jpg file can’t store multiple layers. It’s not meant for that.
Also, the .jpg file format uses lossy compression (to reduce disk storage space) so it’s not suitable for a working/development image storage format.

When you try to save a multi-layer image as a .jpg (or .png) file then you are given a warning that saving as that format will lose information from the image.

You should always Save your work as a .kra file and that will keep all your layers and use lossless file storage.

When your image is completed and ready to be shown, on a website or to be printed, then you can Export it as a .jpg file (or a .png file for better quality).

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thank you very much for your answer…it helps me a lot.