Need help with brushes. (possible future feature request)

Hello everyone. I’m having trouble with brushes, and I have a question and a couple discussion points.

  1. How do I delete a brush without having to go through folders? A good addition would be to have it as a right click option on the brush presets menu.

  2. I think the way that you edit brushes is confusing, so I think it would be good to change the UI to make it more accessible. Have a right click option for the brushes called “Edit Brush” that would open the brush editing menu. Then I would have more standard buttons like [Apply] and [Cancel] within that editing menu. I also want to be able to change the picture of the brush preset (maybe I just couldn’t find it) and be able to change the name of the brush without having to save it as an entirely new brush.

  3. The “Edit brush settings” button will open the menu when clicked on, but will not close the menu when clicked again.

What are your thoughts?

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

  1. The manual is useful and well written:
    but it’s more fun to explore and look and click stuff to see what happens.
    The left arrow (at the top of zone B) will open up the preset chooser/list and has a delete icon.

  2. Every new thing takes time to learn.
    The Resources system is being rewritten at the moment and your point about icon changing and name changing might be being addressed by that , but only the developers know for sure.

  3. When you’ve opend the brush editor, by pressing F5 or using the Toolbar icon, you close it by clicking anywhere outside of it.

Thanks a bunch for the reply! My third point was more of a simple annoyance than anything of substance, but I noticed that I can also tap escape to exit the menu.