Need some input on how to approach this kind of texture [breading on food]

ignore the color / i tend to eyeball them and first pass are always a miss. :sweat_smile:

So I’m doing some warmups / studies of food illustration.

This is one of thing i have not tried… Breading . So im trying and failing.
Im not really aiming for realism just convincing crumbs.
Any advice how to achieve this texture, brush or technique?

How will you approach painting this kind of food [ fried pork cutlet, katsudon, fried chicken, tempura]

random google image search result as reference;

Maybe if you selected a rectangular area of a photo of breaded food and then used it to make a texture to add to a brush?


The first thing that comes to mind is to attach “darken” and “saturation” to the “brush”, but this cannot be called a “good solution”

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Thank you I look into it,
though I’m not the most comfortable at using image texture. I tend to end up mushing them when I blend.
Maybe I can use that those image and create some sort of brush.

I snip a small part of an artwork I saw on twitter by [@ooranokohaku] who do some really hunger inducing food illustration. image

I was thinking if its manually done or they have some animated brush employed.

Thank you. I think I can find a use for this blend mode on a brush those are interesting result.

tried making an animated stamp brush by emulating the patterns of crumbs

not very sure about the result, maybe i need to give some volume on the stamp instead of it being flat.


I think KFC has this texture :grin:

If it is just a small peace of work you might paint the texture?
Disclaimer: I am not really an experienced painter.

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This made me keen so I did a quick and not so nicely painted test :-).

Please have some :slight_smile:

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May be you could try with a very very low opacity smudge brush to soften the hard edges a bit

are there any ground rules on how to tackle this?

Its inefficient because i tend to get lost on details XD if I attempted.

Those are pretty nice chicken legs and chili. I like the texture - how did you paint it?

:sweat_smile: ground rules, Idk about that.

I think as long as it can produce a breaded food look.

This is my progress when I ended it last night. I traced over the bread crumbs and made a stamp brush out of it.

I search some more images and realize the bread use [the shape of the crumb affects the final look of the texture] . I struggle with this kind of texture to be honest.

I’m not sure how I’d do it myself. :thinking:

Well… Knowing me I’d probably just paint it the hard way! :yum:

Since you’re tying to find a more efficient method; I’d suggest creating a lightness type brushtip i.e. with values baked in to create dimensional texture. Settings such as size and rotation can be used to add variation.

To make the texture conform to the desired shape, you can paint a flat texture out with the brush, then use transform tools such as perspective and mesh warp to pull the texture into shape. Alternatively, you could try manipulating the brush shape using ratio connected to tilt elevation i.e. so it compresses when you tilt towards the tablet.


thank you,
you come in the right time. Im trying to create a lightness tip [a few minutes ago and it seems i’m not doing it correctly] :sweat_smile: i’ll figure it out eventually…

You can either: Select and copy, then +clipboard (in brush editor) and make sure you select to ‘preserve alpha’. That will save as a .gbr (gimp brush). Or you can save the tip as a .png in your brushes folder.

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Thank you very much. I got the options now. Just need to understand how the values corresponds, :slight_smile: