Nell's Morning Issues

Carson wakes up to an exhausted Nell. Sleeping while pregnant with a baby girl is a challenge!


Do you live in a country where reading direction is mostly right to left?

I don’t know about that, probably just my wording skills.

I have made an edit to let people know to read from right to left.

It’s just that I naturally read the girls dialog first and then the other and it seems to be make more sense the other way around. You could make it more clear by positioning the text different but keeping it readable across different countries just by positioning alone is probably impossible and is something I struggle with myself.

Sorry about making you confused! I should probably do something more understandable about the dialogue next time.

Don’t worry, I just wanted to give some advice. We are all here to improve our art, after all.

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True. Advice is good!

@SimonBrother Could you flip the image horizontally then rearrange the text layer?

Done. :+1:

Picture should get more attention now.

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