New brushes

I need an other array of fx brushes. Something extra to download ?

There are some bundles on Krita Resource page here: - especially the Wolthera’s brush pack seem to have some Fx brushes.

An error to launch to pack, it require an application.

Maybe this site might help you : )
You have to do it via Krita.

I’ve to check an application ,how to get it?

You do it inside Krita, you can’t install it by clicking on the download. I don’t know what the buttons are called in your language, but in English they are called “Settings” (“Réglages” if you are french?) and then “Manage Resources” (Gérer les ressources?) , there is a button named “import bundle” or something similar.

I don’t have my computer here, so I can’t send pictures of my Krita, but maybe you can see where you add brushes in this video? :blush:

You know a brush to create lightning?

You saw my topic “liquefy”?

Yes, there is a brush that looks like a magic wand with a star, that makes thing shine, there are multiple magic wand brushes that does different things! If you mean lightning as in the weather, you likely have to draw it. But you can use the magic wand to make it glowy afterwards!

I saw your post about liquify, I dont know what it says on mine (since I can’t check right now) so I didn’t reply. But you can try restarting Krita and see if it resets back to normal :blush: