New category for art games and such

There are some suggestions for art games already. I wonder if it makes sense to create a new area where users can post their own games and the results. Currently there is a contest area but not everyone can create a topic there. The artwork area feels like a good place to post results but not to post your challenges, contests or games. The site feedback category is already in use to propose and discuss game ideas but I think is not the best place to post the actual games and works.

I’m not sure how to best solve this, or maybe it doesn’t even need a solution and I just caught a light case of premature optimization disease.

My suggestion is (from the top of my head without thinking much about it): Proposing a Game/Contest/Challenge/etc in the Site Feedback category. After discussion and if interest is there, someone with the rights to do so creates a new subcategory (or topic, if it makes sense) for that game in the Contest category. This new category can then be used for users to post their art games or chalanges of that type, and they can reply with their works to the topic it belongs to.

This way we would make better use of the Contest area, the games are grouped by type and we have nice threads with all the works that belong to it.

Category structure could look like this:

Contests and Games
|__ Monthly Contest
|__ Virtual Plein Air 
|__ Duels
|      |__ Vampire without Teeth
|      |__ Subvert the Tropes
|      |__ Time to Du-du-du-du-du-du-d-d-d-d-duel
|__ Collaborations
|      |__ Fill my Landscape
|      |__ Fill in the missing Panels
|      |__ Sketch needs a finish
| __ ...

Thanks for the suggestion I have created new categories where everyone can post new collab requests , games or duels. Please check the #contest-games-collab category you’ll see two new subcategories #contest-games-collab:art-games-duels and #contest-games-collab:collaboration . the parent category is still restricted to staff but these two new subcategories are open to all.

thank you

Wow, that was quick x3

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We can see how these go and may be in future create or open up new ones or modify these .

…is that a Yu-Gi-Oh! reference

Never leave your outdated references unprotected, like Joey Wheeler did.