NEW Color-Smudge features for next release WIP

Hello everybody, after the premiere of the last video in Krita 's Youtube channel something interesting happened. In ONE day, i received this message

As usual i started to use this special Release. and get this:

I said WHAAAAAT? is a joke? This is good, what else can we do?

Then Boud tell me that phabricator Task will help devs to understand this better and have feedback
read more here you can see here more info and 2 videos for free

I have created already 3 brushes for this new features. They produce reall, i mean REALLY good results ;). 2 of them are just simply with default resources.

Nice performance in a big canvas for this kind of brushes.

So what is the deal? Just give your feedback here if you like the idea or want to add more ideas based on your experience with painting. Imagine the next step Masked Brushes in Color Smudge brushes. It would be awesome. A madness in my brain! Already i am excited with these 2 new features. And you?

If you want to test this special release Dmitry provide me a link. This is for Win but ask him about Linux release, maybe he has already one for you.

Dmitry is one of the main coders in Krita. He is supported by donations in so don’t forget his role in this awesome software.


Really cool stuff! We’re getting closer and closer into being able to digitally paint like Bob Ross XD


i understand this, as we are going to achieve new creative results XD


Tested it a bit and it is super cool! Great work, Dmitry! And great looking brushes Ramon! :grin:
I found a bug in the Ratio feature. When the graph is at 0% it causes a lot of lag! (Using Windows 10 build 18363)

On the configuration above it does not lag when I press softly, or very hard, but it lags at normal pressure

Here it lags when I press really hard

I would love the masked brush feature on smudge brushes! :grin: As you said, that would be mindblowing!


That looks interesting, thanks for the info, tomorrow I will test it a bit

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For that we’d also need Bob Ross’s art skills, unfortunately :stuck_out_tongue: I think there might be more difference between the skill levels of the users than the possibilities of the medium :wink:


I think we should also keep @dkazakov in the loop of this feedback thread

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He is here watching us too? Awesome. I need to refine the waterpolo smudge but now is better than my first test.
Please add masked brush,I will sacrifice overlay mode as an option . Maybe if we choose with a switch? Maybe an idea :wink:

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Wow, the result is amazing. There’s so much I need to keep up with the brush engine in Krita. New task in my schedule :star2:

Welcome Sioni. I encourage you to invest sometime because is amazing.

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Thank you Ramon :slight_smile: I’ll see if I can make time this week because I have been making some test for my new project and I think that using the spray brushes and this the style result will be more interesting :heart_eyes: but I need to be careful not to make it too complex or I’ll miss the deadline :joy:

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Bob Ross’s skills are amateurish. That dude only painted by formula. Watching Bob Ross is fun and all, but lets knock that dude off his pedestal, please.
The medium is the problem here, a stylus doesn’t give the same feedback as an actual pen, brush, etc, and its not as versatile, I wonder if it will ever be comparable…


I agree with you 50%. Bob ross used the style of another guy (no problem) He used his sweet voice and show that painting is not magic but technique and more easy than expected or believed in the past.

I agree he was not in the category of Sorolla, Monet, Caravaggio or Miguel Angel… and also the stylus is not the same, so all what we do is mimicing and if the artist knows traditional oil painting he could create more visual effects. But i try to make my brushes versatile for most of the people. (even without tilt, not everybody can spend hundreds of dolar in these devices.)

Then we have the software limitations, All the softwares have them. Is not an easy task but we are forgetting something important. The most important iis what you paint. What is your message or your final goal for the painting.

Other softwares use brushes to engage people, but what happens if you can’t afford to pay the app for a time? Then iirw you lost all your brushes. You are renting Brushes. Crazy but like this. Or anothe softwares make you to pay a lot for the device and stylus. I Would like to see more impressive artwork done with Krita. And i include myself here. These year probably (if health allows me to do it) i am going to refine all my library to give Krita the best of my resources.


I myself have also been wondering how masked brushes would work in the smudge brush engine. I’m especially curious if the inclusion of such a feature in the smudge brush engine could satisfactorily emulatue the behavior of watercolor blending.
In the meantime, I’ll be looking forward to the new smudge brush features mentioned in the original post to this thread.

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