New donate site


Any idea about when will be ready? :slight_smile:
Except (paypal) payment that is not working and maybe small things to fix (“corporate” badge is blender logo…?? :sweat_smile:), website seems online…?

Subsidiary question: what’s the difference and relationship between KDE Account ( used to identify user in and KDE Identity ( :thinking:
I don’t remember to have created an account to but I’ve been able to connect with my same credentials than one defined on (and was already aware of my real name set in


@carl can answer these questions correctly.

Hi :slight_smile:

The website is online but I probably should add a banner that it’s not production-ready yet and we still need to make sure everything works before announcing it. I probably should put a banner on top. is the old identity manager and we are trying to move away from it in the near future. MyKDE is the new one but since we need for the moment people to have an account in both, MyKDE imports your account from This is why it already knew about your name :wink:

It’s a bit complicated and for the users, it’s not great. I’m working on it, but I’m not sure when the full migration will be done.


Hi @Carl

Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

Ahah yes maybe.
I’m not sure that currently many people are aware of it but for whom find it, that will better to put a banner yes

Ok thanks

Yes it was really confusing to me and I wasn’t able to (quickly) found any explanation on KDE site.

So I wont wait for the site to be ready and made a classic one shot donation then.

Hope that you will be able to find time and resources to fix all of this in the year :slight_smile: