New Enclose and fill tool

Hello, new beta version is here with important features for me, a comic artist : Enclose and fill Tool. But I did not manage to “fill” the selection. No color is showing. Is there any tutorial somewhere ?

The manual is being worked on. Meanwhile you check out the threads made by @Deif_Lou

I’ve noticed that setting too high of a threshold can make the tool have no effect, depending on the opacity of the shape being filled. For example, setting a threshold of 100 will always make the tool do practically nothing. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but does lowering the threshold help with your issue?

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At the simplest level, it works in a simple manner:

For more complex images and with the more ‘advanced’ options, there will be a learning
curve I’m sure.
What are you trying it on at the moment ?

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Ŧhanks. It works for a simple image like yours. For some reason, it did not work with “all layers” selected as reference but worked with tagged layer. I have to make more tests but is it possible to make it work on non completely closed area ?

No, that’s probably your problem. @Deif_Lou is investigating gap closing, but right now the only gap closing we have in Krita is either the Colorize mask or the colorize filters in G’Mic.

In the ‘simple’ case, I have no problem using the ‘merged copy of all layers’ setting.
If you’re having problems then you really need to show an image of what you’re working with.

OK. I’ll have to adapt my work to the tool or probably mix it with more “traditionnal” fill zone tool.

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