'New File' doesn't work

I click ‘new file’, right? Not ‘exit program’, right?

It worked just a few days ago. I updated my windows. I wanted to go back in. I click new file, and the whole thing closes

No matter if i click the classic ‘new file’ at the start screen, File–>New…, or Ctrl+N, the program closes.

I can open old files! I can re-download Krita! I can run the Windows Troubleshooter!

But no cigar. Why do i break everything i touch??? Is this a computer problem?
I did have some problems with the Windows Shell Extension recently, is that the cause?

I would appreciate any advice!!! :star2:

If you can open old files we know that Krita is healthy. The fact that it crashes on opening a new file suggests it’s trying to something that Windows won’t allow. The fact that it’s a new problem suggests something has been changed since it’s last successful run. Software doesn’t change itself, it does the same old same old until a user makes changes.

I can’t make promises, but try opening Krita and don’t try a new file. Go to settings configure Krita and look through the options, especially under “General, file handling” to see if there’s anything you might have altered. Don’t be afraid to click on “Restore Defaults.”

If you find something that looks odd, restore defaults, shut down Krita, shut down your PC and start it again.

I have to be honest, the problem is probably due to a change you made. You’ll need to think about what you were doing before it started.

I hope you didn’t run the shell extension or a command prompt as “administrator.”

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What is the cause is already written there, “I updated my windows”. I had major problems just for this reason, after a Windows update the Group Policy Manager no longer allowed access to one of my Krita installations, I could no longer write in the account. Finally, I deleted the corresponding user account and created a new one, because none of the suggested solutions described in various forums fixed the problem.
@Drl, you could try resetting your Krita configuration, that is, deleting the “kritarc” file, although I don’t think it will help, it’s just the most low-level attempt to reanimate it. But you can download and reinstall Krita as many times as you want, it won’t help you, because the settings files of Krita, like the “kritarc”, are located in your user directory tree under “c:\Users\{YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME}\AppData\Local\”, where you replace {YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME} (including the brackets) with the Windows username under whose account (or even “in whose context”) Krita is running.

If you can’t find this path, then you will have to turn on the hidden files and folders display, a description of how this is to be done, can be found here.

I’m afraid Krita has been stripped of the right to create new files, if you’re lucky you’ll find a corresponding entry in the computer administration, under users and group administration, which you can reset (in my case, for example, there was none to be found).


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