New project

Hi guys,

I’m currently working on a comic.
What can be seen here is my current style in which I draw.
But I’m still very dissatisfied with the result so far.

Can someone give me a tip?
What can I do better?

maybe making it wider (the building) to the left side? I’m not so sure.


That’s a difficult question…


You want tip for a better composition?
Tip to improve your style?

Things I can see here, but it seems to be still work in progress so…

  • Light/shadows are missing
  • Sky is black, is it the night? If yes, building shouldn’t be so visible, more in dark/blue tone I think…
  • There’s no detail (not sure if building is finished or not, but currently it looks like big shape)
  • There’s a kind of deformation in your building, but it’s not consistent and the perspective is difficult to understand

    – In blue, straight vertical lines
    – in red, curved lines or obliques straight lines
    As we don’t always need a good perspective made with vanishing point (according to the style you want to apply), the current mix is disturbing: for me everything should follow vertical straight lines or curved lines; not the both