New subcategory for unfinished works that are not WIPs?

I wonder if we should have a new subcategory for sketches in the art section. Although we have a sketch tag I find it hard to decide where to put them. Some sketches may be considered finished artworks but some also aren’t while at the same time aren’t WIPs. So they neither fit into the finished nor the WIP section. They are just discontinued unfinished works.
Well, as I write this, maybe an “Unfinished” subcategory would be even better so we can put all sorts of unfinished and discontinued works there, not just sketches.

Personally I would even look there from time to time or when I have an artblock for some sketches under share-alike license I could work on to get the creative juices flowing.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for the suggestion.

Finished sketches can be in finished artwork category with the sketches tag. If you feel they are WIP then post in the Work in progress category with the sketches tag.

If we have both sketches tag and subcategory people will get confused. May be we can have a unfinished tag. But if you posting a sketch and are not going to work on it, it can be said that it is just a finished sketch as in you are finished working on it and it is now just a sketch.

I personally think there will be too many tags and categories, right now people don’t even tag properly. I would wait to see what type of artworks come in frequently and what most of the user need, and based on that we can add new category and tags slowly.

I have noted your request so if there are more people we can have a un-finished tag or category in future.

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Yes, I thought that too, while I was writing so I figured an “unfinished” category would be better especially in combination with the tags we already have.

Yes an unfinished category will be a better option, Even then there will still be ambiguity. I mean is it unfinished as in WIP or unfinished as in “you are not going to work on it anymore” so it will be a bit confusing for a new forum member to differentiate it and the existing “work in progress” category. Nevertheless let us see if there is more request for this.