New user fields in Profile section of preference page.

I have added new user fields as per request from members.

  1. There is one for preferred pronoun that you want to associate yourself, this might help a person in addressing you in conversation.

  2. And one more for specifying operating system and graphic card, this might help person answering your questions to quickly know what you are using.

Users can check the preference section and add the details.


I’m not sure if pronoun should be a required field. Maybe there are more people like me who just don’t care how they are called and rather want to leave it blank entirely.

Agreed, I’ll make it non compulsory.

Is it possible to show the value of the pronoun field next to the username or something? That way it’s visible for everyone in the forum without having to check the profile everytime.

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This is nice! beforehand I had it in my name, but this makes it easier! You made a good choice adding it :slight_smile:
This is nice for the people who have no gender. (or more then one) Such as agender, genderfluid,(when someone is genderfluid the best idea is they/them because their gender changes.) bigender, polygender, etc.