New user, my posts flagged as spam

Bah my post just got voted somehow as SPAM like seriously, why are yous trying to make people into internet police? What a sad over-sensitive time we live in.

There was ZERO spam in my post, I shouldn’t even be wasting my time typing in here complaining about this crap system in the 1st place. Literally my 1st post in this forum, wow, what a pathetic warm welcome. Thanks a lot.

Am pretty new to Krita, was just trying to get some help & get voted as spam for my 1st post here. What a Krita deterrent, awesome way to keep people using Krita, keep it up.

Firstly, the spam flag was automatically added by the software it was not flagged by a human. Sometimes when users post back to back links, the system gets confused and flags it. however I immediately restored your post upon seeing them in the review queue. So it is really a mistaken flag by the system not something we did on purpose.

Secondly this is not the right thread to complain about it. I will move your post to correct new topic.

Now if you have calmed yourself you can check your post and see if they are visible. if yes then please take back your anger and words :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum


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