Newbie animation

My first 2 animations are very basic, but I hope to continue developing skills and knowledge. All criticism is welcome and appreciated, as are the tips.


Those are very good first animations. The comment and advice I can offer is as follows:

Flames are translucent so a technique you could try is to make two layers with similar but different animated flames shapes and make each layer semi-opaque, maybe 50% or less opacity. Just experiment and see how it looks. Maybe do more layers too, though this means more work of course.

The ‘germinacion’ animation is nice and ‘organic’. It shows good use of off-canvas content and use of the Move tool. The only criticism I have is that the movement is a little abrupt and could be slower and smoother.

Another technique you could try for ‘germinacion’ , if you have time, is to do a slow zoom-out, maybe combined with a small amount of move. Again, it depends how much free time you have.

I hope you continue and post more work in the future.


Thank you very much, that had not occurred to me. If I saw it when I create 2d projects in unity by example.Where you create 2 funds at different distances creating a better effect. It’s similar . I’ll try .
And in germination, I still have a hard time handling speed, because the speed and smoothness of the vicarious movement in how many keys I follow or that wake that I have observed in some drawings to give it that effect. I liked the zoom. And you really appreciate these criticisms. I want to learn and create good things, I loved giving it life, although I don’t know how to draw hahaha. Regards!

I should use the brush more and less the filter, but the truth is better with 2 layers. Thank you . Now I will try to prove the germination.

Oh wow! That’s even better that I thought it could be. You paint good looking flames.
I look forward to seeing the new germinacion one day :slight_smile:

thanks :slightly_smiling_face: I already have the zoom effect you were talking about, it really cost me nothing, but I have to soften the animation, create more keys to make it more fluid. Also paint it to see if it looks better. Likewise, the advice really helped me a lot, it gave me another vision of what can be achieved.