Next stable release of Krita for Android


I’m curious about when the next release of Krita on Android is, i’ve compiled the latest version myself but seek a more stable enviroment.
Is there an ETA on the next release?

Hello @Sutt and welcome to the forum!

Oops, as far as I know this plan does not exist yet. Also the assumption of a next release version of Krita for Android is a misconception, because Krita for Android has never had a release version and is still considered BETA and therefore, at least officially, not supported. As said as far as I know.


In general, for OSS release date is “as soon as it is done” :slight_smile:

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Yes, even 5.0 will still be marked as a beta, until we have had a chance to improve the user interface to make it more tablet friendly. We’re also running into problems with Androids file system API changing all the time, which takes away time from making Krita more touch friendly.


I wonder what Microsoft did with their system to make it so it can work in two modes at the same time.
Probably just custom widget system.

Thanks for the fast reply!
I see, guess the nightly version i have will suffice for now.
Even if its in beta its way more stable than a nightly so that was kind of what i was meaning, sorry.