No drawing today

I’ve started to do this today… :grimacing:

It took me the day, and it’s not yet finished, but:

  1. Created a dedicated VM (6 CPU / 8GB ram / 40GB HDD) on which I installed everything I need to build Krita :slight_smile:
  2. Started build for 4.3 and master
  3. Started build for my fork

After I think I will start to play with all of this (git, make, …) to learn
And I’m taking some notes about all of this because there’s so much steps and command that for now I’m just unable to do it without reading the documentation :sweat_smile:

No time for drawing today :upside_down_face:




I didn’t take care about this :scream:

I had to increase HDD from 40GB to 80GB, because it’s not possible to compile more than 2 binaries on the system at the same time :sweat_smile:


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Oh it’s so cool to see this :slight_smile: I guess you haven’t had much trouble getting it built?

Also if you get those notes, would be cool to share them, too :slight_smile: If they could be useful to others, that is.

I think one build folder is like 10GB? And yeah, don’t worry, I made the exact same mistake on my system :smiley: While Windows partition is nearly empty… :stuck_out_tongue:

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That looks like fun… :thinking:

I’ll… umm… just be over here… sticking with the painting! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ahah yeah, I found funny to share this screenshot :sweat_smile:
I like to use terminal… it remind me the beginning of DOS when I was younger :blush:

No, in fact I started on my usual session but I finally decide to have a system completely dedicated for this. Too much thing to install and as I’m not yet comfortable with git and all tools and tasks, I prefer to work on a dedicated system.
I primary tried to follow instructions provided to compile in a docker, but I got some errors that I was not able to understand so…

Building a VM, installing a debian, doing install and configuration, it’s something not difficult for me :wink:

Yes of course
For now it’s mostly a synthesized list of command lines from Building Krita from Source but I think to enhance it :wink:

I was a little bit surprised, but it seems that cmake create heavy file
Not sure why, I didn’t try to understand the reason why for now.

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Yeah :sweat_smile:

But for me, as a developer, it’s very interesting because I never work with git, cmake, and I’m a beginner with C++

But for today it’s over, my gf ask me the computer so I’m migrating to the couch for a drawing session :upside_down_face:


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A long time ago I was a programmer/analyst. I worked with C, C++, Csharp, Java, Cobol, VB,, and a couple of other languages on Windows PC and on the AS400. Also worked a lot on database development and on Y2K mods. But this was 15+ yrs ago.
Like you, I also run Linux (in my case, Ubuntu) in a virtual box on my windows 10 pc and I was thinking of doing the same thing you did and set up a development environment for Krita. But honestly, after thinking about it, I just don’t believe I’d be able to find the time to work on it and also I would have to relearn C++. It’s probably changed a bit since the version I worked with. So much has changed in software development since I left it, I never even heard of QT until I heard of it in connection with Krita. These days I enjoy being a user instead of developer. So probably not, but I won’t say never. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m grateful to those like you who are willing to get in there and help make Krita better.

Cobol is still haunting my nights :ghost:

Last time I really coded in C++ was in 1997… when I decided last year to use C++ again, I’ve discovered the modern C++ with C++17: yes language has changed a little bit :sweat_smile: but ok, if you’re used to code in other modern languages, there’s no much difficulties (for me pointers are still shaking my mind and templates for which I’m not comfortable is a subject…)

I can understand :wink:

You know, you can help without coding: translations, documentation, support for other users on KA, beta-testing, … :slight_smile:


I have some experience coding in Basic on the ZX Spectrum if it’s of any help?! :thinking:

Might be a bit rusty though - it’s a been a while… :face_with_monocle:



I started to code in 1983 with BASIC 1.0 on a Thomson TO7, with 8KB of memory and a tape player to save/load programs… :upside_down_face:


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Awesome! :grin:

I probably didn’t have a clue what I was doing - I was either copying code out of a magazine or being strongly guided by people who built computers and wrote programs for a living.

I really just wanted to play games and get excited by the wickid graffix! :nerd_face:


I was 7 years old when I started to code on this machine: it was just like playing Lego or Meccano, build something rather than playing with it :upside_down_face:

Looking forward, 8KB RAM with 1Mhz 8bits processor and tape cassette to save programs…
When now I look my 8 4GHz cores with 32GB RAM and 6TB disks, wow, what’s happened during the last 37 years!?? :sweat_smile:
And what will happen in the next 37years! :crazy_face: