No Images on Portfolio Pages

Hi… Has anyone else noticed that images aren’t being displayed on portfolio pages? It’s been several days, and nobody seems to have reported it… maybe no one else is seeing it? I’ve used two different browsers (Firefox and Chrome) on two different computers using two different operating systems (Linux and Windows), but portfolio pages, which up to a few days ago displayed each artist’s portfolio of images no longer display images. The title, category, tags, hit count, date and like count are all there, but no images. For me, this seems to be true not only for my own portfolio, but for other artist’s portfolios as well.

Anyone else seeing this?


I’ve noticed it too, and was about to ask what’s up with that…

It also seems to mark a lot of the portfolio entries as bookmarked posts, although I definitely did not bookmark them. The tooltip is also odd, saying
You've bookmarked this post. [missing %{name} value]

Yep, same problem here.

noticed that as early as a month ago, never got around to reporting it. Thanks for doing so

Thanks for reporting this. The setting in the theme component was changed few days ago and the thumbnailing on the portfolio page got switched off by accident. Please check it now I have enabled it.


Working fine now. Thanks!

As a separate but related issue, I don’t see the June 2022 Art Contest pinned at the top of the main page.
I can see the topic if I search for it and it has the Pinned icon but isn’t shown at the top in my Palemoon or Chromium browser, whether I’m logged in or not.

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