No keyframes in Animation

Sorry, dunno if just being an absolute noob, but I for the life of me cannot figure out how to animate. I followed tutorials online, but the basic functionalities don’t work on my end. I’m running the latest version of master as of writing this post, and here’s what I get:

I can’t use onion skinning on Layer 1, because there’s no icon on the timeline, changing keyframes and painting does nothing (as in, no keyframe is generated). I tried with Auto Frame mode enabled and disabled, nothing changes. I also tried with the current version in the Arch repositories, but the same problem there,

It looks like you’ve animated the background layer. You need to animate the transparent paint layers above the background and paint on them.
(You can animate the background layer but onion skins won’t work because the entire frame content is opaque.)
As for Auto Frame mode, I’d suggest that you do everything manually to start with so that you gain a deeper understanding of the ‘mechanics’ of animation in krita and don’t rely on any automatic assistance, not yet anyway.

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well you need to move the timeline > create a new blank frame (or duplicate) > and start drawing on the keyframe. it is like the Flash workflow considering the timeline.

to see the onion skin just press the lightbulb to allow the onion skin to work on that layer.

however for animation you will need to make some custom shortcuts so it is not overly tedious I think.

btw…the onion skin falloff ussually is a bit more smooth, linear or quadratic, stuff like that. yours seems a bit off. if your favouring 2 in range maybe you should consider animating in 2’s instead.

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eh lá, tu és Pt?

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Yeah, I see now. It was a bit weird at first, but I understand it now, thanks!

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I don’t think so.
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