NO MORE BOOPING!!! (ErrorInk comic)

my art is still improving, but I think I did really good on this one. ( because I decided to be a good Average Boi and actually color my comic :))) also, the line art is a different color than just black. ) Also, before you go, do not forget; Do not boop Ink’s nose, at all costs, otherwise, you will be ultimately eliminated. ( Error managed to survive, But remember, NO BOOPING!!! )


This is so adorable! I love your artstyle!

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Thank you! are you into the UnderTale fandom as well?

Yup! Have been for the past few years.

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Same here! Another question; are you into the ErrorInk ship? ( if not, that’s ok. )

Kinda, though only if it’s fairly vanilla. Then again, that goes for most of my shipping pairs (which I only have like… seven, two of which are ones you’ve never heard of) so… yeh.

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Seven? that’s surely a lot! I only ship ErrorInk and kinda some FellBerry but thats it.