No pen pressure for Cintiq Pro 16

Cintiq pro-16

So, I’m on Krita knowing well that my pressure sensitivity is working, I’ve checked the Wacom app and it’s working well, I had pressure sensitivity working once and now it refuses to work at all, I have the pressure tool turned on and checked the settings for pens and its checked marked but no luck. I’ve look at others who had same problem but had no luck. My drivers are up to date and Windows ink is check marked too so I have no idea what the problem is… I’ve reset my drivers but same outcome. :pensive:

What kind of text do you get in the tablet tester? Any P for pressure at all?

Many of us do better selecting the other Windows Input API. Try that (you’ll have to restart Krita to see if it helped).

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All it says its move mouse x y and b

Oh, I changed it to the windows 8+ and now it works LOL. Thank you

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Perfect. Happy painting.

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