None of my brushes seem to work, not even erasers work.

I’ve tried closing the program, restarting my Surface, reinstalling the program, making a new layer, but nothing seems to fix the problem. I try to use a brush or an eraser and nothing happens it doesn’t draw, it doesn’t erase. Just nothing and I feel so defeated. Please help.

Does this happen in new document or are you working on the same document. If it is same one, can you see if you have any selection active, just try to press ctrl + shift + A and then daw. If that doesn’t work just try to export the empty canvas as jpg and see if it is just a display problem.

I’m working on the same document half of the settings are gone, I can only open new, open, save, save as, close and quit. when I opened a new document the brushes worked but the settings are still all messed up.

Main menu entries going missing has been seen before. Can you provide a full screen screenshot (.png) that shows this?

If you do File -> New and create a new image, can you paint/erase in it ok?

If you open a different exisiting file, .kra or .jpg or .png; can you paint/erase in it?

For all of the above, can you paint/erase using you mouse or trackpad?

After closing the program a second time the menu entries came back. If it happens again I will post a screenshot. I’m able to draw in a new document but nothing works in the document I’m currently working on, the surface pen, touch screen, touch pad or mouse, none of it works. other existing documents I’m able to paint in.

If new documents and other existing documents can be painted in then the problem is local to that single document you’re working with.

Have you tried pressing Ctrl+Shift+A, as explained by @raghukamath above? (This is the keyboard shortcut for Select -> Deselect.)
Please do that in the document you’re having problems with and then see if you can paint in it.

there was nothing selected. I kind of just gave up and started a new document. thanks for the help though.

If you still have that .kra file which had problems, can you give a link to it via a file sharing service or a file sharing website? (You can’t upload .kra files on this forum.) It would be interesting to have a look at it

Yeah sure, I uploaded it to google drive. here’s the link. (I’m only a beginner pls don’t judge)

You can draw faces and hair and that’s more than i can do :slight_smile:

I couldn’t paint on any layer but you do have a selection because I did Select -> Deselect (or Ctrl+Shift+A) and I could then paint anywhere.

Back to the start … if I Invert the selection then the entire canvas is selected. The only way I can get that situation is to have Subtraction selection mode and then manually select an area who’s boundary is outside the canvas and encloses the canvas and encloses the canvas exactly.

I wonder how you did it. Anyway, thank you for an interesting puzzle :slight_smile:

Edit:Add: Got it:- Use of the Similar Colour Selection Tool in Subtraction mode with a coloured canvas background, as you have in your image.