"Normal" at the top of blending mode lists + Layer Blend mode shortcuts + Colours

Layer Blending Modes

Would be great to be able to re-arrange the blending mode lists or at least have the “normal” layer blending mode at the top of the list, seems more intuitive to me (should be easy to change).

There is a way to reset the brush blending mode which is great but personally, I only use blending modes in layers so would be awesome to be able to switch layer blending modes with hotkeys as well as resetting them like you can with brushes :slight_smile:

Honestly, this feature would be really useful for me. I am constantly flicking through blending modes. Would be great to have shortcuts to go from next/previous blend mode (like with brush blending modes).

Also, being able to preview the layer blending mode when hovering over the list could be great as well. Maybe having the option to colour code the layers as well to help separate them.

Side note, would be nice to add a custom colour to layer colours, 8 sometimes isn’t enough with big paintings

NOTE: A similar discussion was made here: About the categorization of blend modes

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