Nosferatu Zemmour non-approval

The latest episode of my webcomic contains strong language BUT this is a fake language (it’s English written in French so it pronounces in French like it would in English). My editor advised me to put a strong language warning at the beginning so I decided to make it as a joke with a non-approval of poor language.
This is an overpaint. I took the photo and painted over it. It’s not a portrait from scratch he wouldn’t deserve.
So Here is the overpaint + the original photo



Not sure non-French people will understand…

Mr. Z (can’t write his name, sorry :skull:) is a french polemicist, he will be candidate for next french presidential elections, but he will not be candidate, but he will be without being candidate…

I won’t express my thoughts on this guy here, that’s not the place, but the painting kindly stick to the character :sweat_smile:



Can you give a link to the webcomic so that I can try to understand (and maybe enjoy) the language joke/humour?

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Excellent overpaint. I don’t know who this is so I’m probably missing a point you’re making but I still love what you did.

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You can check the webcomic here:
but the disclaimer will be published in tomorrow’s episode (so will the fake english language joke)
As a matter of fact I’m submitting the disclamer tonight for my editor to approve and add it !

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Thank you ! In a nutshell he is the kind of guy who enjoys hurting people for the sake of showing he can say horrible things. Some people compared him to nosferatu on twitter saying with a lot of humor: “we didn’t say Zemmour is Nosferatu. We just say we never saw both of them at the same time in the same room”:


One of the two is a blood sucker with no soul…

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