"Not a valid Krita file" but there's still some data in that

Hi everyone,

I worked several hours on a piece and saved every now and then. All went well. Last saved today 00:53, 45.47 MB
All looks normal to me.

But unfortunately Krita does not let me open my file any more today. There is no autosave file to be found (autosave is enabled)

A friend of mine did this whole convert to zip file and repair thing and opened it up in photoshop. She can recover a tiny thumbnail of the picture and she said all the layers are there with only one broken.

Can anyone here recover my file for me?

Thank you very much


Can you provide a link to document to analyze it and check what can be restored?

Autosave file doesn’t exists here because file has been saved and Krita has been properly closed.

What you need to be sure to always have a previous version of file is “backup files”


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There are many possibilities:


Sorry, I meant back up. It’s active but didn’t do it.
Here’s the google Drive Link, hope that’s alright


Would be awesome if I could at least get a few layers back. From now on I will definitely save at least the sketch as png before doing anything else

Your help is higly appreciated. Thank you

The link you gave requires a sign in with a Google account.
The ‘share with everyone’ type of link is better for general use.

Oh, ok, let me try to figure out hiw to get that link. Never used google drive before

I’ll send the link as soon as I have it

Edit: Never mind, easier than I thought

This should work:

Here’s a repaired file: Dropbox - repaired.kra - Simplify your life

I wonder what happened though and which version of Krita you’re using, because recent versions actually try to read the saved file to check for problems like this – where the zip file is truncated.

(Note: I used zip -FF on the file and then had to do that again on the repaired file before it was finally really repaired.)

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OMG than you so so very much!!
I am forever grateful!

It’s Krita 4.4.5 As fsr as I know it is the most recent version? At least for Android.

Yes, since 4.4.8 had an android-specific problem that we couldn’t fix. But please note: Krita on Android is still in beta! 5.0 will be out of beta for ChromeOS, but not for Android, since we keep running into issues, especially with how Android handles files.

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Ah, thank you very much.
I am just a hobby artist and not really doing much all that often. This was my ever first “bigger picture” with many layers, I usually only do some quick sketches, throw a bit of colour on to visualize characters for Virtual Tabletop RP.

So with any other file I would just have called it a lost cause and started from scratch XD

From now on I’ll simply make sure I save more files with different names inbetween. If all of them break, well, than that’s really bad luck.

Try File → Save Incremental Version
It saves with an increasing index number added to the file name.

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Oh nice, thank you :slight_smile:

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